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The CMAA Indiana Chapter has been around for a few years, located in downtown Indianapolis. Every month we gather professionals from all over to come to our meetings, attend our site tours, and visit during the Construction Manager (CM) Training Courses.

CMAA Vision Statement

CMAA’s Vision is that all owners will realize capital project and program success by using professionally qualified construction managers.

CMAA Mission Statement

CMAA’s Mission is to promote the profession of construction management and the use of qualified construction managers on capital projects and programs.

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Want to get more involved with the CMAA Indiana Chapter? Have any ideas that you would like to see be implemented? Feel free to contact us!

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CMAA Anti-Trust Statement

It is CMAA’s policy to comply in all respects with federal and state anti-trust laws.

Meetings will follow a formal, pre-approved agenda for the purpose of conducting the business of the association. Accordingly, discussion of any matter relating to competition among our members or relating to practices that may restrain trade with third parties is not permitted. These prohibited subjects include prices, allocating territories, boycotts, or any other statements that may be construed as anti-competitive.